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Yesterday I was treated to a party by my friend Arun Sadanandam. Occasion...hhmmmm...nothing really. We are a bunch of party animals who do not look for an occassion but create one to party hard. Arun's given me the chance to select a venue of my choice. I wanted to take advantage of this oppurtunity to discover a new party joint in town. If all worked well, I can pin this new party joint to my thirsty list for hosting forthcoming parties. And how do I do that? I knew I simply cannot rely on the feedbacks available on the web on various food joints in town. And that's precisely when I realized that I had a copy of the perfect guide for party animals; Times Food Guide. I flipped through the pages and after some RnDing, I zeroed in on a few venues. I wanted Arun to select the final venue. And thats how we did. He zeroed in on a venue named 'Goodies Garden' which hosted a variety of Indian, Tandoori, Mughlai and Continental foods. Uuummm...and not to mention the chicken delicacies.

We started off @ 1pm on our way to Goodies Garden. We spent a bit of time searching the exact location but finally we reached there after a few inquiries from the rickshawallas and panwallahs @ about 1.30pm. And guess what...the joint was closed with doors locked. To top this, vehicles were parked against the entrance gate. I was left with no doubt that the joint was closed for long for some reasons. We stared at each other and realized that we were goofed!!! Not wastinge time, we recollected the list of joints I selected from the guide. We decided that more experimenting will only waste more time. So, decided that we should move on to a venue which we prefered from our previous visits. And yo, our choice was unanimous; Punjabi By Nature. It was not far off from this place and we were there in another 10 minutes.

This pace has a class of it's own. The ambience, the food, the courtesy...everything about this restaurant is classy. We were let by the friendly guest service representative to a 4 seater table in a comfy corner in the basement. Hhhmm...well seated and comfortable. The menu was even more stylish, carved on a wooden sheet. To start off, by this time we were very hungry, we ordered a starter; Tandoori Prawns along with a mocktail for me and white wine for Arun. In some time, the prawn tandoori arrived and was looking very delicious and tasty, very well cooked. As you see from the pictures here, it was served in an as is physical shape.

It could see its legs and eyes still popping out. The head portion and the legs of the serving aren't for consumption while the rest of the body is. We had to unshell the flesh and then digg in. Initialy we had a tough time unshelling the tiger prawns, but yes, we did it finally. Though we tried to minimize the sound from the fork and spoon while unshelling the prawns, we did make some clutter clutter.

It was really yummy, I really mean yummy. After eating a piece, Arun was about to eat the head piece only when I told him that it cannot be consumed. After digging in the shell, the empty shell looked like this.

We were half full when we ordered the main course, vegetable biryani with murgh punjabi masala. The quantity of veg. biryani was good enough while the chicken curry was large in quantity. Somehow, we managed to eat as much as possible that reflected our outbulged tummies. Burrrppppp!!! That was really heavy. With no gap in our stomach have anything else, we chekd and exit the restaurant to go home and have a nice nap after a sumptous meal. Buurrrppp (again)...

That's how our party turned out a good time for us.

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