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Creative CD Art

Take a look at these funny and very creative arts based on a CD hole. Did you ever think of such a creation? Me ain't. The CD art contest is open. Go, bend the rules!!!

I could not understand what exactly is portrayed here. Could someone please explain me?

This is my personal favorite...very creative indeed!

This too...


3 DWine Insight(s):

hey mate. my name is tom and im from a band called Caleb skips chemistry. we were looking at ur art work and wondering if u would be interested in negotiating some sort of deal with us. my email is and the bands myspace is at the end of this year we are releasing an EP and would love to have some cool designs such as yours on our CD.
thanking you very much

07 May, 2008  

@tommie: You can please contact iamboredr regarding these designs.

14 May, 2008  

hey man i dont kown anything about this i am boredr thing. so if we can chatt through email or add my address on msn then that would be alot easier for me :P.
we are still really interested in using ur art work so plz keep in touch. it will be a great opotatuniy for u to get know for aswell for we have quiet a large fan base waiting for the new release of the CD. talk soon tom.

19 May, 2008  

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