Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is my first dip into the blogging trench, started out of my curiosity to know what actually is a blog. I try to put here my readings from various sources; books, blogs, sites. I also grab stuff from here & there and try to showcase it in my own style here. If you'd like my scribblings, please subscribe to my full text RSS feeds.

Currently I am experimenting a few new features on my blog, like Peekaboo and Post Summary; the reason for the slight distortion you see. I am hoping to frame up these soon, please bear with me!

I was just casually browing the videos on YouTube when I came across this amazing and really nice video...Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot. I remember watching this video when I was a kid in school. During those good ol' days, DD was the only channel in our tv sets. This series was telecast every friday around 5.30 in the evening. Gosh...I, infact all of my friends (I bet) used to watch this flick without missing for a second...I always had a time clash coz my math tutor drops in the same time to my house. I remember skipping my math class at times just to watch this flick on tv. Actually, his son used to drop and pick him up him at my home. I used to hide at the end of the street on my bicycle and watch his movements. He, not to mention but a very elderly and learned person, used to glare at the lock hanging on my house's front door for a while, and then leave with his son assuming I was late from school. Oohhh...forgot to mention, both my parents were working and hence I used to have a entry key for myself. They used to return late at around 6 or 6.30 in the evenings from work while I come back from school @ 4pm. Wish I could get back to school again !!!

I swear, I'll watch this series if it were telecast today. Gosh, I love this series very much. Each time Johnny Sokko along with his flying robot defeat and win over the evil attacks from the enemies and save the world from disasters. This video on youtube has refreshed my memories and took me back to the good ol' school days when I was a kid. Hail Gaint Robot. Wacth the duo in action on YouTube. Enjoy the video.

I was and am trying to implement a neat and simple tag cloud in my blog here. I have experimented with various HTMLs' to see how exactly they look like in real time...have found some interesting and some worthless. For novices who are ignorant of what exactly a tag cloud is...(I was one among them some days back until my friend Anugrah enlightened me with the precise term) is a sample tag cloud. Feel it.

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