Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is my first dip into the blogging trench, started out of my curiosity to know what actually is a blog. I try to put here my readings from various sources; books, blogs, sites. I also grab stuff from here & there and try to showcase it in my own style here. If you'd like my scribblings, please subscribe to my full text RSS feeds.

Currently I am experimenting a few new features on my blog, like Peekaboo and Post Summary; the reason for the slight distortion you see. I am hoping to frame up these soon, please bear with me!

Tag Cloud

I was and am trying to implement a neat and simple tag cloud in my blog here. I have experimented with various HTMLs' to see how exactly they look like in real time...have found some interesting and some worthless. For novices who are ignorant of what exactly a tag cloud is...(I was one among them some days back until my friend Anugrah enlightened me with the precise term) is a sample tag cloud. Feel it.

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