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Readers...wait a minute. I think I found a hack to the restriction levied by Google on its online payment processing service; Google Checkout. It just struck my little brain that this could be done. But let me check this myself before I throw light on my readers. Though it'll need spending a few bucks towards testing this hack, I'm willing to do it. I'm away trying to hack Google Checkout...will post my findings soon...Einstein at work ;)

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I love the concept behind Google Wallet (, because I believe that digital wallets, just like their physical equivalents, should allow their users to store in them all of the payment instruments they may want, including credit and debit cards issued by different banks and displaying different brand logos. And Google is doing precisely that. However, data security is much more important than either user-friendliness or convenience. In fact, your service should not be offered to consumers until you can guarantee that your system can protect their personal information. And that is clearly not the case with Google. Moreover, hacking Google Wallet is reported to be a "trivial" exercise, which makes me wonder whether Google even cares all that much about protecting its customers' information. I can only hope they will prove that they do.

13 February, 2012  

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