Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is my first dip into the blogging trench, started out of my curiosity to know what actually is a blog. I try to put here my readings from various sources; books, blogs, sites. I also grab stuff from here & there and try to showcase it in my own style here. If you'd like my scribblings, please subscribe to my full text RSS feeds.

Currently I am experimenting a few new features on my blog, like Peekaboo and Post Summary; the reason for the slight distortion you see. I am hoping to frame up these soon, please bear with me!

Future of RSS

And if RSS is the way to go...this is what the near future looks like. Might sound crazy, but you can't rule it out! See what I mean...


Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?

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this picture is very cute.
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06 May, 2008  

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