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Do you see what I see...has Google changed their favicon across all it's services? I generally user Google Suggest for all my daily searches. But intrigued by its new favicon, I tried various services...but seems like only Google Search and Google Suggest have theirs changed. I have no clue why, do you any?

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I personally liked the G better than this new curvy looking G. I guess it will take some time to get used to.

07 June, 2008  

@ AK: Yeah...same here...once we get used to it, it'll be fine :)

07 June, 2008  

yeah, in fact even i am not liking the new favicon... what exactly i didnt liked is the white color of google search and Gtalk is missing from this favicon.....

@dwiner: the "post comment" link was too difficult to find as it is too small...plz check if you can make it more prominent..thx.

01 July, 2008  

@anugrah a: Thanks for stopping by my blog.

The new favicon has had some Googlers disappointed, but others feel this is better than the older one. I personally feel that we all will get used to it slowly.

Let me see how I can increase the size of the 'Post Comment' link so that it would be easy for my readers to find. Thank you for your suggestion.

01 July, 2008  

I like this one better..
Greetings, Kevin

20 August, 2008  

no more blog posts these days ? the last post was on May 30, 2008
i.e. Google's New Favicon?

20 August, 2009  

18 April, 2010  

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