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Some of you may already know what is RSS feed and know how to subscribe them. But I’m sure some of you don’t know what exactly RSS feed and how you can use them as a loyal reader or visitor. We will not discuss what is RSS here because you can learn it by Googling or you can read directly from here.

So, in this post I will teach you or will guide you on how to subscribe RSS feed. But first, you need to get a RSS link and a feed aggregator (some call them as a feed reader).

A RSS link usually marked with these images or just a simple text reading RSS Feed.

In this how-to, we will use a software as an example: FeedReader (freeware)

How to subscribe RSS Feed using FeedReader

1. First and foremost, you need to download FeedReader and install it. Once installed, run the software and you will get this screenshot.

2. Then, click on New and choose New Feed.

3. Now we are going to subscribe a RSS feed. Type the URL of the site from which you would like to get feeds.

4. Press Enter and wait for FeedReader to finish gathering all information from the site you are subscribing. Once finished, you will get a small alert at the bottom right of your screen.

5. Now, you have successfully subscribed to a site feed.

You can configure to your favorite feeds in no time using FeedReader. Get going...NOW !!!

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