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Delete Thumbs.db

When I copy image files from my laptop to my pen drive (or vice versa), I get to see a file called Thumbs.db go along with it. What is that file? All the while I considered it to eb a kind of virus...poor me. Only when I was reviewing an article from a portal I run through regularly, I came to know what it is all about.

What is Thumbs.db?

Thumbs.db is a file generated by WindowsXP each time you view folder contents in “Thumbnail” or “Filmstrip” view. This file is a cache file which use by WindowsXP to load up faster the next time you browse that folder.

How to remove it permanently?

You can delete Thumb.db and send it into Recycle Bin but it will keep appearing because by default thumbnails cache is enable in WindowsXP.
To get rid of it, go to My Computer > Tool > Folder Options > View and check “Do not cache thumbnails”.


By enabling this option, it will take a long time to open folder that contains large image files or quantity because the thumbnail images not been cached in Thumbs.db before.

source: cypherhackz

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