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RouteGuru (ALPHA) is an online application for finding ‘practically-usable’ driving directions in your city. What makes it unique is its emphasis on providing directions in the good old Indian way i.e. using landmarks. For typical direction algorithms like those used in the western world (which are usually based on Road/Street Names or numbers) do not work in developing countries like India, where cities are poorly planned and road/street names are often unmarked. RouteGurus' nearest competitors are the road-side paanwalas/auto rickshaw drivers.

RouteGuru is currently in alpha and readers/users are requested to test the application and provide actionable feedback to its creators.

The route directions are displayed in a tabular form and they can be printed or forwarded via eMail/SMS. Having started with road directions, RouteGuru plans to introduce online maps and allow access through mobile. The service is presently available only in Delhi-NCR. I tried out a few sample queries for Delhi routes and the results seemed quite accurate and reliable. Try it for yourself.

source: webyantra

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