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How long has it been since you stopped using floppy disks? Loooooong. How long has it been since you erased scratches off your disks? Whaaaaaaa!!! Hhhmmmm, never mind. This was the similar kind of reaction I expressed when I came across this video on YouTube.

Yes, you can clean scratches off your old disks. It's a very simple process. You need not buy those costly imported liquid or foam to do so. All you need is a kind heart to spare some of your trusted good ol' toothpaste., not again!!!

Here's how:
1. Apply toothpaste on the disk surface
2. Spread the toothpaste evenly all over the scratches
3. Rinse with clean water
4. Wipe and dry the disk with a clean cloth
5. Done!!!

Don't believe? Watch this DIY video from YouTube.

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