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Ever wished how you could download that favorite video from YouTube? I always wanted to do so and maintain a collection of my fav videos. Then what? I started RnDing the net and found out a few ways where in you can download those fav videos on to your system. Here’s how you can do it too.

YouTubex: YouTubex is a very simple tool to download videos from YouTube. Find the URL of your favorite YouTube video and paste it in the download box. Done! The downloaded videos are stored in .flv format. You can download a free FLV player or convert it to other formats using the free converter.

Javimoya: Firefox users can use the video downloader extension that allows users to download videos to your computer from YouTube and most other video hosting sites.

KissYouTube: KissYouTube offers the easiest way to download videos from YouTube. Just in front of the domain name, insert the word 'kiss'. Hit the Enter key and it will redirect you to KissYouTube website. Click on the download link provided to save the video to your computer. You have to save the video with .flv extension so that you can play it with an FLV player.

Viloader: Simply copy the URL of the video into the download videos box and hit Enter. Save as .flv file and watch the video in a flv player. Else you can use the tool mentioned above to convert the video to other formats.

Even more simple, Viloader provides browser specific add-ons. After adding the specific add-on to your browser, just right click on the screen (while watching the video) and select ‘Download Video’.

Delutube: This service can be used to watch videos that were available on YouTube earlier but have been deleted from its database due to various reasons. Just get the video id and paste it in the View Video box.

How to get ID:

Speedbit Video Accelerator: If you are on a slow internet connection, you might have noticed YouTube videos getting stuck. The solution to this is to use this accelerator. This software will make YouTube videos stream faster and play smoother by reducing buffering problems and video interruptions.

Vixy: With the online video converter hosted by Vixy, you can download audio from YouTube and even convert flv files to other formats. When you submit an URL, this service will download and convert the video to your desired format and lets you download the file on to your pc. Vixy also allows you to download online videos directly to PC, iPod and PSP. Vixy also works with Google Video and Metacafe.

Apart from these listed above, there should be a lot more YouTube tools to enhance the video watching experience and play with the videos. Go...this is a no rule game!!!

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Thanks to know something like kissyoutube! I personally love this lazy way to add a "want" or a "kiss" only to save youtube vids! This was cool!

12 September, 2011  

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