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Just discovered. Yahoo also has it's own Easter Egg. Yes, you heard it right.

Hello, are you alredy searching for what an Easter Egg means? For the benefit of one and all, here is what an Easter Egg means. An Easter Egg (in computer terminology) is a hidden message or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program or a video game. This is a free add-in programmed by the manufacturer and hidden in the product to make customers happy. When discovered, customers are taken by surprise and thus associate a happy moment with the vendor. Gotcha????

Now, about the Easter Egg in Yahoo! Make sure your speakers/headfones are on.

Go to Yahoo
Click on the ! mark in the logo

Isn't that nice? This doesn't seem to work for other Yahoo global domains. For more intriguing Easter Eggs on softwares, click here.

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