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Most people would love an iPhone, especially for FREE. That’s why many companies are offering free iPhones as a promotional offer.

Contests and promotional offers range from only entering your email to participate, to create a video, picture, write, and attend conferences.

Of course, there’s nothing free about these offers. The catch is they want you to do an action, which can range from creating an account on ebay, buy DVDs, or subscribe to a magazine. The good news is many of these offers don’t require you to purchase anything (e.g: creating an account on ebay) but you’ll need to refer many friends. They get money from those sponsors, so they can afford to send you an iPhone.

Bottom line: It’s worth it if you have many friends to spread the fire!

Put together here is a list of sites and companies, such as Google and Threadless, currently offering free iPhones. Many of them are contests and giveaways.


GiftMonkey will give you a free iPhone if you live in the USA or some cash to buy it if you live outside of the USA. Residents of many countries are accepted, and many offers are free. Example of an offer that doesn’t require you to purchase anything is creating an account on eBay.

Gmail Threadless Contest

The Gmail Team in collaboration with has launched a new contest where submitters are asked to create the ultimate Gmail T-shirt design. You’ll also be able score designs you think have the most potential by visiting the Threadless website.

How to win: Submit a T-shirt design idea which you think embodies the Gmail personality most, the theme is “Connect”.

Prize: Prizes of the contest are an 8GB iPhone, a Jawbone Bluetooth headset, a $400 gift certificate from JetBlue Airlines, some fun Google products or $1,500 in cash.

When does it end? The contest will close at 11:59:59pm CST on August 16th, 2007.

Tapatap’s iPhone Giveaway

To help launch the iPhone version, taptap is holding an ”I Wanna Win an iPhone” contest.

How to win: Enter an original photo or artwork showing why you should win Apple’s new iPhone. Get creative and invite your friends to vote for you. The most popular entry wins.

Prize: An iPhone and gift certificates.

When does it end? Contest ends August 15, 2007 at 11:59pm PST iPhone Contest will choose a winner from the first 5,000 Members to win an iPhone, and will also choose a winner to receive a pair of premium jeans from the store.

How to Win: To enter a name into the iPhone giveaway, the person must be a member. The member will then enter his or her e-mail along with the e-mail of 5 friends.

Prize: An iPhone.

When does it end? Winner will be featured on on August 15, 2007

Apple Show iPhone Giveaway

How to win: Just place a link to the on your blog or web page. Then send us a registration email (to with the URL and your contact info (name, address, phone and email.) The URL must be a primary page on your site, not a hidden page. The Apple Phone Show will be the sole judge of link acceptability.

Prize: 8GB Apple iPhone

When does it end? August 30, 2007

Bootcamp for Beginners and Vision 2007 Conference

How to win: All Bootcamp for Beginners and Vision 2007 Conference attendees who register before Friday August 17 will be entered into a weekly drawing for an iPhone. (The iPhone Prize does not include AT&T service subscription necessary to use the iPhone.)

Prize: Four 8GB Apple iPhone mobile digital devices, one per week for four weeks.

When does it end? You are eligible to win an Apple iPhone if you register before midnight Pacific Time, Friday, August 17, 2007.

Win 1 of 5 iPhones from Profy

How to win: Write a guest post about Web 2.0 (news, commentary, tips, rating about your personal Web 2.0 experience, etc.) for Profy and send it to If your post is found Profy-worthy and is qualified for the competition, we will let you know when the post is published.

Prize: 5 iPhones.

When does it end? From June 18 to September 9th.

iLounge Giveaway

How to win: To enter, simply submit a photo of your iPhone(s) in front of a landmark or other notable location.

Prizes: iLounge is offering ten Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headsets as prizes.

When does it end? The contest will run until August 10, 2007 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

15 iPhones Giveaway at Bodog

How to win: Play Let ‘Em Ride at Bodog Poker game.

Prizes: In addition to 15 iPhones there will be a weekly random draw for $50 iTunes gift cards (5 per week) and $25 cash (5 per week) deposited into your Bodog account (30 of each to be awarded in total).

When does it end? Contest begins at 6pm EST on June 29th and will run for six weeks.

Expired Contests

Rev2s win an iPhone Giveaway

How to Win: You can enter just by leaving a comment on the blog. Easy, right?

When does it end? August 5th, 2007. The winner will be announced on the 15th August, 2007.

Prize: An iPhone and $50 via Paypal to a random blogger who links to the post.

Engadget iPhone Giveaway

How to win: Just leave a comment telling us what you’re most looking forward to about your shiny new device. The prize is open to US entrants only.

Prize: 8GB iPhone

When does it end? Contest is open until 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, July 1st.

Insanely Great Tees

How to win: submit a funny 30-second iPhone ad which includes the phrase “I’m an iPhone.” Readers can the vote on the entries and eventually choose a winner.

Prize: a $500 gift card to the Apple Store in-leiu of the actual device.

When does it end? The deadline for entry is 11:59PM on May 7th, so all you amateur directors and actors better get cracking.

Team sugar iPhone

How to win: Subscribe to the Team iPhone Contest Group and then Write a Blog Post (300 words maximum) on why you like TeamSugar so much, your favorite features, etc.

Prize: An iPhone.

When does it end? Friday, July 20 at 5:00 pm, PT.

iPhoneFreak Apple iPhone Contest

How to win: To participate in the contest, you must tell us, as part of the comments, why we should all buy an iPhone or why you agree or disagree with what we have posted.

Prize: iPhone

When does it end? June 20th.

iLounge offers 4 iPhones

How to win: Submit your photograph in one of two categories - People or iPods.

Prizes: Two 8GB iPhone top prizes, two 4GB iPhone second prizes, or two $100 iTunes Gift Cards.

When does it end? Entries are due by May 20, 2007, and winners will be announced on June 1.

Gizmodo iPhone Giveaway

How to win: Create or design an original invention (emphasis on original - no recycled projects please) and send in a sketch, render, mockup, blueprint or some kind of image plus a description detailing your invention to with “Made in Eureka” as the subject.

Prize: one free Apple iPhone.

When does it end? Contest ends July 10.

Things You Should Do iPhone Contest

How to win: write a post on your website about some great place you think belongs on the Things You Should Do list. You email me the link to your post to enter the contest.

Prize: iPhone

When does it end? All submissions must be received by July 5, 2007 at 5:00 pm PDT.

Jason Calacanis’ Mahalo iPhone contest

How to win: create the most entertaining/helpful/fun search results. You can post the results to your blog or send them in by email.

Prizes: 3 iPhones

When does it end? Midnight on July 13th

Viddlet free iPhone contest

Prize: two 8Gb iPhones during the month of July.

How to win: Sign up for a free user account on To be eligible, entries must be completed and received on or by the closing date of the draw. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. All entries shall remain the property of the user.

Contest ends: July.

LOOPRumors iPhone

The LOOPRumors iPhone contest ended on June 12. We contacted the winner, and finally heard back today! I guess not everyone checks their email as often as we do. Congratulations to Caroline N. from La Mesa, California! We got in touch with her and told her she’ll receive a complimentary 8GB iPhone on June 29th. The service contract is not included as part of the prize.

Should you know of any companies and sites offering iPhones, please let me know so that I can improvise this list.


What did you eat today?

Prize: An 8Gb iPhones or Canon TX1 HD Camcorder.

How to win: Step 1: Record a video about what you ate or drank today.
Step 2: Upload it to Viddler. Tag it with MealToday. Add it to group.
Step 3: Do it again tomorrow!

Contest ends: August.

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Just by way of update: We're giving away an iPhone in August too!h

07 August, 2007  

Just so you know...

1. You link to GiftMonkey is not correct.

2. Programs like GiftMonkey are legit. People, please never call programs scams when they're SO NOT!

You can view my site if you like more info. :)

10 August, 2007  

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